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Why hire a health  & wellness coach?

•  Coaches have the tools, specialized skills and are trained in techniques that motivate you to build new habits and lasting change.

•  Wellness coaches will work with you to prioritize your goals in incremental and realistic steps. We connect the dots between where you are and where you want to be. 

•  Coaches help you become fully accountable in achieving the lifestyle that positively impacts your health and sense of well-being. 

•  By listening and helping you to increase self-awareness, health coaches monitor your progress and encourage you to utilize your strengths and values to achieve success. 

How I can help you:

•   Together we will create your health and wellness vision  

•   Assess your readiness for change

•   Embrace and leverage your strengths

•   Identify underlying negative thoughts and personal
     barriers that sabotage your goals 

•   Cultivate healthy stress management skills

•   Practice communication techniques for conflict
     management in relationships

•   Incorporate wellness into a busy schedule and learn

     to prioritize self-care

•   Improve diet, exercise and sleep routines 

•   Develop strategies to enact new behaviors and
     thought patterns 

•   Navigate life transitions smoothly

If it doesn’t challenge you,
it doesn’t
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 — Fred DeVito

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My process

•  Our sessions will never conform to a pre-set agenda or script. I will assess your unique situation and together we’ll create your own individual plan of progress and accomplishment.


•  After initial contact, we’ll set up a free 30-minute session to discuss your challenges and what you are looking to achieve. If we’re a good fit for one another and feel comfortable to proceed, we’ll review coaching options that best fit your needs. Additional information will be sent in my “Welcome Package.” 


•  Since health coaching is an ongoing relationship and most often not a one-time service, we’ll begin with two or more sessions a month for at least three months. I find that to make lasting changes this is the best way for you to receive the most support. Eventually the sessions may transition to meeting once a month. 


•  Sessions typically last 50 minutes. However, you may decide you would like

to have check-ins between sessions, I am available for this service at no extra charge.

•  Please feel free to contact me for more information. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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