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My philosophy

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Following a fulfilling career in healthcare as an inspirational and influential leader, motivational speaker, and clinical educator, I found my truest passion to be one of coaching — helping to bring about lasting lifestyle changes and improve physical and emotional wellbeing. I combine my skills and experience to partner with you in your personal wellness journey. I believe a health coach functions as a supportive guide, a source of accountability, and a skilled expert to maximize your progress and success.


So much about health coaching is increasing motivation and building upon your strengths to encourage self-awareness. This may include managing stress, navigating life transitions, striving for work life balance, diet, exercise, and improving sleep. As a healthcare worker, I have seen the effects of stress manifest itself

in various ways, such as negative thought patterns, failing relationships, illness, and uncertain life transitions. My ability to listen deeply in a safe, non-judgmental way, while asking powerful questions to understand your needs, will result in discovering sustainable strategies to enhance resilience, avoid burnout, and navigate desired behavioral change. Together we will explore your unique path of action by creating achievable goals towards living your healthiest and happiest life. 


Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate Program, Georgetown University, Washington DC


Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, CPI: Crisis Prevention Interventions


MEPRA (Mindful, Ethical, Practice and Resilience Academy), Johns Hopkins Medicine 

Freedom from Smoking Facilitator Training, American Lung Association 

Language of Caring Communication Skills, Planetree International

Crucial Conversations, VitalSmarts

Compassionate Caring, Upaya Zen Center,Santa Fe, New Mexico


BSN, George Mason University School of Nursing


MS, Organization Development, Marymount University 

Health and Wellness Coaches, National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching/National Board of Medicine Examiners


Gerontological Nurse Certification, American Nurses Credentialing Center


Nursing Professional Development, American Nurses Credentialing Center


Myers Briggs Type I Indicator (MBTI) Certification, Center for Application of Psychologic Type

EQ-i 2.0 & EQ 360 Certification – Emotional Intelligence, OKA Associates 

Professional Board Certifications

Outside of
your comfort zone
is where the
magic happens.
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 — Amit Ray

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